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Why People Pay for Instagram Comments
Instagram Likes are all well and good, but comments are the real currency of the Instagram Influencer marketplace. After all, it takes far more effort on the part of the viewer to formulate and type a comment than it does to simply tap a "heart" icon. The Instagram algorithm understands this, so it automatically ranks posts with more comments higher. This is also same for Instagram views.
This increased visibility is the primary reason why businesses and influencers choose to promote themselves via paid Instagram comments. In fact, in most cases, the more comments they purchase, the more organic comments they'll get. This essentially gives these account access to a "loophole" in the algorithm that will continually reward their posts with better and better rankings.
But there’s a lot more to paying for Instagram comments than that. For instance, you can't rely on them to carry your entire Instagram brand. You still need to be putting out engaging content, interacting with Instagram followers, and courting new audience members. Still, there's no denying that Instagram is extremely competitive. To that point, using a comments service is a great way to get a leg up on other Influencers while simultaneously boosting your credibility.
In the end, it's all about visibility. If you aren't getting seen, it doesn't matter how hard you work or how great your posts are. But If you can find ways to get comments on your posts (organic or paid), you can expose more potential followers to your budding brand.

How to Get More Instagram Comments
There are a number of approaches you can take to getting more comments on your posts. Below, we’ll outline some of the top strategies that you can start using today. After that, we’ll go into a little more detail about the comment-buying process, including how it works, what results to aim for, and how much you can expect to pay.

1. Come up With a Contest or Giveaway
People love to get something for nothing, so contests and giveaways tend to get tons of social media attention. Whether you use Instagram as your primary promotional tool or use it in connection with Facebook or TikTok, promoting a giveaway is a surefire way to increase interaction and engagement.
In many cases, Influencers will make a comment the "entry fee" for the contest. Though a little straightforward, this is definitely a surefire way to get results. Another strategy is to simply set up the contest in a way that encourages users will inevitably lead to increased comments and likes.
Just remember, you need to pick a suitable (and desirable) prize, and you can’t weasel out once you identify a winner.

2. Simply Ask for More Engagement
Chances are that if you want more comments on your Instagram posts, you have aspirations of becoming an Influencer. So, influence! Don't just sit around and hope for comments to come your way. Go ahead and ask for them. It might surprise you to find out just how well this works, particularly if you arrange your content in a way that is conversational or asks a direct question.

3. Pump Up Your Visibility with Hashtags
Most Instagrammers operate within some sort of niche. It could be travel or health and beauty or education – it doesn't matter. However, if you want to maximize your visibility in that niche, you need to monitor trending hashtags. Just like with news, people are drawn to topical content. If you use trending hashtags in your posts, you will be more likely to increase both ranking and engagement.

4. Find Out When Your Audience is Active
The better you know your audience, the better you can promote engagement. One strategy for this is to ensure that you're posting at times when your audience is most active. This will increase the chances they will see your post, therefore giving them the opportunity to comment and interact.

5. Post Faces (Either Human or Animal)
We all love a good sunset photo, but research shows that posts with faces in them actually generate 32% more comments than those that don't. So even if it's not typical to your niche, make sure you post lots of photos of yourself, friends, or people related to the content. If you do, you're likely to see a big jump in engagement.
And while it should come as no surprise at all that people love cute and cuddly animals, it may surprise you that animal faces are also a great way to boost your Instagram engagement. Even if the only comments you get are "awww” and “so cute,” you’re still going to move up in the rankings.

Frequently asked questions

• Is buying Instagram comments legal?
Absolutely! Here at Piargood, we work hard to ensure that all of our social media marketing packages are fully compliant with the guidelines of the platform that they are designed for. This means that when you use our Instagram comment service, you can rest assured that you aren’t breaking any of Instagram’s rules, so you don't need to worry about your account being penalised in any way.
Our social media marketing specialists also keep a keen eye out for any relevant updates and we amend our services accordingly so that you are always one step ahead of the competition.

• Can I purchase Instagram comments if my account is set to private?
Sorry, this is not possible. Your account must be public during the delivery period. Once delivery is complete, you can set it back to private.
• Is it safe to buy Instagram comments?
Our services are also 100% safe. Please note that we do not need access to your Instagram account for you to use this service. We will never ask for any sensitive information such as personal details or your password. For you to take advantage of this service, all we need is your Instagram username.
However, please note that we are unable to add Instagram comments to posts on accounts that are set to private. You will need to make sure that your account is set to public in order to receive the comments. You can easily change your settings back to private once you have received all of the comments you have ordered.
• Can I control what is said in the comments?
Yes, you can. We understand that you might want to draw attention to a specific aspect of your business, such as your prices or how good your customer service is for example.
That’s why we offer both a random and a customised comments service. If you would like to control exactly what is said in your comments, simply select our custom comments service.
There are many benefits to customising your comments. Not only can you control exactly what is being said, and therefore guide common opinion, but customising your comments also allows you to set the tone for the type of comments you would like to receive in the future.
Packages start at just $2.97 for 5 fully customised comments and we can deliver up to 150 tailored comments per order for less than $40.
• Can I use @mentions and emojis in Custom Comments?
We do not allow using @mentions in the comments! Any @mentions typed in the comments will void your delivery guarantee!
Please note that we will not publish any comments that breach Instagram’s policies. This includes hateful, racist or otherwise discriminatory content.
The use of emojis in your comments is absolutely fine and is encouraged.

Why do people buy Instagram comments?
It takes more time and energy to leave a comment than it does to hit a like button. Your reader has to first think about your comment and then formulate and type out a response.
It doesn't sound like much, but when you're reading hundreds of posts every day, leaving comments for everyone can become very time-consuming.
People only tend to put in the effort to leave a comment when they are extremely engaged with your content. This means that it's much harder to get Instagram comments than it is to get likes for example.
Because of the extra effort they take, comments are also more highly valued by Instagram's algorithm. This makes them a lot more desirable for businesses and influencers, who often choose to buy comments to boost their Instagram visibility.
The more bought comments you have, the more organic comments you are likely to receive, which is another reason that people might choose to purchase Instagram comments.
Buying Instagram comments can also save you the time and effort of creating the type of content that makes people want to engage to the point that they are compelled to leave a comment.
Having said that though, even if you are buying some of your Instagram comments, you shouldn't rely on them solely. Aim to put out engaging content when you can to attract more followers and grow your account.
It can be incredibly difficult to stand out on Instagram because there is so much competition. Using a service like ours can help you to get noticed.
Some people also use our comments service because it increases their social proof and credibility on Instagram. All of Piargood’s social media marketing packages, including this one, are designed to help increase your visibility, exposure, engagement levels and sales.

Our top tips on how to get more comments on Instagram.

Run a contest or give away.
Run a contest or giveaway, either on Instagram directly or on any of your other social media accounts and promote it on Instagram. People love nothing more than getting something for free so this method is guaranteed to increase your Instagram engagement.
Simply choose a suitable prize (your audience must find it highly desirable), then announce your competition and encourage people to enter by leaving a comment. This is a great social media strategy that has proven to be very effective for many of our clients to increase the number of comments they receive.
To take it one step further, encourage the submission of user-generated content as part of your contest.

Directly ask users to engage.
If you want more comments, why not try asking for them! This may sound simple, but so many people forget to do it and the number of comments they receive suffers as a result.
To get the most comments, post direct questions that are easy to answer or ask your followers to share their opinion on a topic of interest. Controversial topics work particularly well for this.
You could also ask your audience to share their experiences or give advice.

Use trending hashtags to increase visibility.
Find out what the most popular hashtags are in your niche and include them in your posts. If you do this your posts will appear in more searches and therefore your engagement, including the number of comments you receive, is likely to increase.
Also if users see that you are continuously talking about the topics that they are most interested in, they may decide to leave an organic comment or share your content in the future.

Post your comments when your audience is most active.
The timing of your post can have a huge impact on the number of comments you receive.
The optimum time to post will be different for every niche, so it's important to do your research in this respect. As many of our clients can tell you, it really pays to find out when your specific audience is most active and post during the most lucrative times.

Post pictures of human faces or animals.
Research that was carried out by Yahoo Labs & the Georgia Institute of Technology has shown that posts with pictures of people's faces in them receive, on average, 32% more comments.
Try filling your feed with plenty of selfies, group shots and/or photos of your team and you should see a significant increase in the number of comments you get on those posts.
Unsurprisingly, posts with pictures of animals in them also do incredibly well on Instagram. Even if your business isn't directly animal related, with a little creativity, you can find a way to include animal pictures and take advantage of the power that animal images have to bring in the comments on Instagram.


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